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I talk about cube drafting.
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Delif's CubeMy cube is designed to be a greatest hits album for Magic. For most of the decks that have ever been good in Magic’s history, there’s a cube deck you can draft that will feel close to it. I have deliberately not included cards like Black Lotus, Mind Twist, or Time Walk that are both overpowered and unfun, since they unbalance games for no effect. However, I do include cards that are overpowered but still interesting like Balance and Survival of the Fittest.

My cube contains 540 cards, which is exactly enough to handle two six-man drafts. There are 70 cards of each color, 70 lands, 60 gold cards, and 60 artifacts. These numbers result in a fun splash of multicolor without punishing people who aren’t interested in being more than two colors.

Make three packs of fifteen and draft just like normal.

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Posted by Tom LaPille on 30 Sep